1. First fittings must be completed no later than 12 weeks prior to the date of wear.

  2. Final sizing must be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the wedding date. Failure to do so may result in additional charges if your sizes change.

  3. All hire charges must be paid in full prior to collection.

  4. Any damage to hats or canes will result in replacement charges being


  5. £5 accidental damage insurance 'ADI' is included in each package price, but

    not included with individual item prices.

  6. A surcharge or £15 per suit, per day will be charged for every day overdue.

    (unless agreed prior to collection)

  7. All suits require a minimum and non-refundable deposit of £25.00 per outfit when booked. 

  8. The company shall not be obliged to refund the hire fee of any items cancelled prior to the date of wear, unless an optional cancellation insurance of £5 per outfit is paid at time of booking. All cancellations made between 12 - 8 weeks before the original date of wear will result in a minimum of 50% of the total to be paid. Within 8 weeks prior to the original date of wear will result in total loss of payments. All cancellations made up to 12 weeks prior to the original date of wear will result in a minimum £25.00 per suit cancellation fee.
    Exact amounts are calculated on a case by case basis, taking into account numerous factors in relation to costs incurred and loss of business.

  9. Any date changes and/or postponements are subject to availability and may incur extra costs. All balances will fall due by the original date of wear or the amended date. Whichever is the sooner. Any cancellations made after the original date of wear will result in total loss of payments.

  10. Items not covered with insurance include, Hats, Canes loss of any item & malicious damage.

  11. Lost or Damaged items must be paid for at the time of returning the suits. All charges will be taken from the card details left as a holding deposit unless an alternative method of payment is offered.

  12. We reserve the right to advise, any other exclusions at time of booking, fitting or/& collection.

  13. Due to a number of damaged suits, we are unable to offer accidental damage insurance on children's suits. (Suggested things to avoid are sliding on floors, playing in grass areas or fields, letting the trousers slip down, so the hems get trodden on. We strongly recommend that under 5’s, change into something more practical after the ceremony and photographs.)

  14. Children's suits unlike mens, do not come short, regular and long and are not recommended for under 4 years. Maximum leg lengths are equal to the waist size in inches. Well Suited for Men Ltd will not accept any responsibility if the suit does not fit the same as an adult suit.

  15. All Promotional offers exclude any other offers unless stated.

  16. Free Grooms Suit Hire Voucher: These promotional vouchers are to be

    presented at the time of booking, otherwise they are deemed invalid.

  17. With 6 or more suits the hire fee of the grooms suit is free, however the

'ADI' of £5 is still applied and must still be paid for on the time of booking.

17. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.