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If you are planning on attending Royal Ascot, then look no further. Below we will take you through everything you need to know

when it comes to suiting up for this occasion. 

The Royal Enclosure.

The royal enclosure, attended by the Royal family and prestigious society members, has a fairly strict dress code. Gents must be suitably dressed in morning suits of either black or grey and wear a waistcoat, tie, top hat and black leather shoes.

Cravats are not permitted, nor is the customisation of top hats, which should either be black or grey and can only be removed within certain areas. Your tie and waistcoat choice can be a little more adventurous, however, and it’s here that you can really let your personality show. For ties, we’d recommend rich paisleys or spotted silks and, if you’re visiting the racecourse with your partner, why not coordinate your colour scheme accordingly.

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Queen Anne Enclosure.

Formal dress rules still apply here but are slightly more relaxed than the Royal Enclosure, making it the preferred choice for many of Ascot’s regulars. The main difference here is that morning dress is not required, although you are more than welcome to wear it.

Gents must wear a full-length suit, with a matching jacket and pair of trousers trousers of the same colour and pattern. Although a waistcoat is optional, a tie must be worn at all times.

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Village & Windsor Enclosure.

Both these enclosures are the most relaxed at Royal Ascot. Formal suiting is still required, but the key difference in these enclosures is that that the trousers don't have to match the jacket, allowing a more relaxed look. As with all enclosures, shoes must be worn with socks that cover the ankle.

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